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The Process

The process is simple. In order for us to evaluate whether we think we can help with a specific situation, please go to our contact link.
One of us will get back to you, usually within a few hours, to clarify any additional information we need.
We'll then tell you if we think we can devise a solution for your situation. If we cannot help we'll try to refer you to someone who can.

Our commitment letter requires a retainer for us to purchase the services we need from specialists to close the transaction. The fee includes hiring a local realtor to do a broker opinion of value, an underwriter to validate all of the components of the transaction and a document preparation fee. All fees are authorized by you before we incur them. In the event we are unable to do the transaction we refund 100% of the retainer that has not been authorized unless the principals have made a gross misrepresentation.

We do not typically utilize our own lawyer, however, we do require that the principal's lawyer provide an attorney opinion stating that the transaction is valid and legally binding in the state of the transaction.
We've closed transactions as fast as 3 business days - but our average is 14 business days.