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Our Solution

Real estate investment transactions are very multifaceted. There are many "moving parts". Our forte is in prioritizing the most critical elements of the transaction and solving for those first. If an investment can't be profitable for the investor and economically viable for all the "players" including the tenants then, obviously, that is a good first place to start. Our approach is very pragmatic and efficient.
Any solutions/advise we present will have a very key focus on structuring the transaction so as to insure adequate cash flow. Often our competitive edge is our combination of years of experience coupled with a highly creative approach. Factoring in all the components of real estate transactions (negotiations, management, finance, tax, etc.) there are often huge opportunities to create competitive efficiencies and advantages.

Some of the solutions we're capable of providing:
  1. Purchasing of existing mortgages
  2. Lease/Options
  3. Loans
  4. Partnerships
  5. Hybrids - Often we utilize a combination of different solutions to provide one overall solution