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Silent Partner Group, Inc. is a real estate investment company. We invest in mortgages/debt as lenders, as equity investors and often as some type of hybrid between the two.
We also act as advisors for other investors interested in taking advantage of the many benefits real estate offers - especially qualified plans (IRAs & Pension Plans).

The areas we specialize in:
1) Providing capital for un-bankable commercial real estate transactions. We are not traditional lenders trying to impose a staid “canned” solution to your un- bankable real estate transactions. Every situation is different and we provide custom solutions with an emphasis on making the transaction economically viable.

2) Direct equity investments in income producing real estate. Currently we are proactively investing in Single Family Homes in the Mid West due to the amazing opportunities available there.

3) Acquisition, structure and management advise for other real estate investors. The difference we offer is you are getting advise from professionals who are primarily active investors - not primarily active advisors without first hand experience.

A Mortgage Broker that does business with us had an insight, "You are very different than any other company I ever worked with. Everyone else looks for deals that meet their criteria. You, however, look for deals you can craft into something that adds value to the principals and meets your criteria" We'll consider any project up to $1,000,000.00.